Our Approach

Being a customer-centered company, we do our best to make our development processes as transparent and clear for our clients as possible. Our company follows agile methodology to develop custom software solutions and always deliver punctual, high-quality results that clients expect from their development partner. This development approach helps us to minimize uncertainty and allow rapid software development through sprints, collaborate cohesively across software development teams, and embrace lean management.

Being recognized as a top-notch custom software development company in USA, the iFour team works collaboratively, being aware of parameters like project analysis, implementation strategies, development of the project, quality assurance, and time management. We make complex businesses simpler. This is one among many reasons we are among the leading software development firms of USA.

Our process

iFour follows a structured and agile methodological process for project execution



In the initial meeting we understand the business objective and all the requirements of the project. We will then write a short proposal for client’s project with an estimated cost for a full detail proposal with project specifications.



In this second step the project objective and various other elements involved are categorially defined along with their role and relationships among the elements for clarity of the project.



The architecture of the project is then laid out by iFour team. Before we move on to developing, we undertake a review involving all major parties to carefully review that all objectives and requirements are being met. This is done based on the specifications agreed on at Step 2.



This is the development phase in which developers work towards completion of the sprints. Each build of the application is progressively, placed in the repository with access to the customer.



The process of development is followed by evaluation and testing of the finished sprints. Once it is evaluated and approved by client, it moves to deployment phase.



This is final step, in which, on completion of the development, the final project is delivered for clients use.

Our development team is well versed in identifying the sprints of strategic importance relevant to the objective of the software application, minimizing the cost and time of project development.