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With an eclectic mix of stunning features, iFour Technolab Us. Inc. delivers startling Angular front-end development services to the clients of various industrial sectors. We have helped many clients taking their businesses beyond the horizons and gained a great position in the market.

To deal with absolutely revamped front-ends of the websites and applications, we have screened a team of Meritorious Angular developers and fulfill the needs of the business. In addition to that, iFour Technolab has a resource bank of professional experts, Project Managers, Team-leads, adroit web developers, Testers, etc. at all levels.

Angular Technology

In the year 2009, the giant tech Google has introduced a spectacular front-end framework called Angular. This open-source framework has gained incredible traction in the market. Angular helps in building effortless modern web apps that are dynamic, lighter and much faster and benefits with unnecessary code elimination.

Initially, it was released as Angular JS framework in the year 2010. With timely updates of the framework, overcoming the concerns successfully with additional features, it caught a firing pace of popularity and evolved as Angular 5 in the year 2017 with impeccable features.

Angular Technology
Why go for Angular?

Why go for Angular?

Reports say that today around 45 % of Software developers go with using Angular for Front-end development. Angular has some out-of-box features support which helps modern-day businesses in building flawless developments such as creative web components, reactive single-page web applications, etc. enhancing simplicity and efficiency. Front-end development is really important as it takes your business to the next level and pulls your customers to use your web applications. Being the best Angular Front-end development company in the USA, we keep an equal outlook for both frontend and backend development in the client project.

Let’s have a look at the journey of Angular in the tech-savvy world.

Angular JS 1 Year 2010

Framework was launched in the market.

Angular 2 Year 2016

TypeScript was introduced in the framework.

Angular 4 Dec 2016

Enormous reduction in bundle size.

Angular 5 Year 2017

Add-on features.

Angular 6 Year 2018

Fully featured framework was introduced.

Angular 9 Year 2019

default Ivy compiler and runtime for applications.

To talk about the impeccable features of Angular 9, it has resolved so many concerns like bundle size which was quite large in the previous versions and ultimately impacting the download time and performance factor. Some other exciting features we can find is Faster testing, smaller bundle size, better debugging, default Ivy compiler, improvement in features like CSS class with style binding, build errors, type checking, internationalization, enhanced scope support, globalization, strict mode, etc.

Not just these, Angular enables us to utilize YouTube and Google Maps on UI very efficiently.

Benefits of Angular framework

One of the most preferred frameworks in so many Software development organizations, Angular offers MVC programming structure to develop a wide array of applications. You can find a lot of benefits with Angular like

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    When compared to other frameworks, Angular enables us in faster completion of the project with huge time-saving. Perhaps, you can also split the app into multiple MVC components and eliminates unnecessary coding

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    With Angular, you would probably develop spontaneous web apps with an affluent and fascinating look. These applications are highly responsive as it has the best support of HTML, CSS, DOM structure.

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    Just because it is maintained by the technical giant Google, you could precisely build the applications at reasonable costs. Furthermore, Angular JS has tremendous community support.

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    Easy to learn

    As the front-end has become so crucial in website development, everyone is striving for the best Front-end development framework. Angular has powerful yet easily understandable features. You could possibly complete the application in a while, just by adding a few essential attributes into HTML.

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    TypeScript utilization

    The best part of the framework is that it utilizes TypeScript language which acts as a superscript for the language JavaScript. Being supported with types like interfaces, primitives, etc. it ensures great security. You could even include ES5 code with TypeScript and efficiently compile it. The framework would also support features like async, wait, decorators.

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    Cross Platform

    Other benefits include Data binding, dependency injection, cross-platform development, code reusability, unit testability, etc.

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iFour Technolab US. Inc. has extremely talented Angular professionals having deep subject and domain knowledge and crafts the well-suited solutions for various industry verticals such as

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FAQs for AngularJS Technology

Angular is just a Client-side framework or we can say Front-end framework that is used to build extraordinary web applications. It runs at the client-side (user’s web browser) but not on a specific server. Yes, there is an alternative to make it run on a web server and it is referred to as “Angular Universal”.

A language called Typescript is utilized in this framework to deal with implementations like Single Page application development, web apps, etc.

Firstly, the Angular is not a coding language like TypeScript, JavaScript, etc. It is a front-end framework that is second-most popular as per the survey report of 2019. It is mostly recommended by so many Angular frontend development companies because of the following reasons:

  • Angular has a wide array of tools that enhances functionalities, handle routings, and supports fine testability feature.
  • While creating web applications with basic functionality, you will not require to use third-party libraries.
  • Better security and higher code quality.
  • It utilizes TypeScript which is a superscript of JavaScript language. That means you can empower your developments beyond the feature support of JavaScript.
  • It is easy to learn for beginners and designers.
  • It maintains a high level of consistency.
  • Increase in productivity with great time-saving.
  • It has a modular development structure and many more.

The building blocks of Angular which play quite an important role in Angular project development are: Modules, Dependency injection, Routing, Component, Templates, Data binding, Directives, Services.

Services are used to overcome the repetition of codes while developing a web application using Angular framework. When you create a service, you can use the same code for different components.

To create a service in Angular, you need to write this command – ng g service User

The main purpose of using {{}} with Html tags is to represent data from a component. To explain this with an example, consider h1 tags in this way h1 {{Name}} /h1

Here, “Name” is a TypeScript component representing the value of Name on the Html template. This process is referred as “String Interpolation”.

To describe the sequence of Angualr Life-cycle hooks, it would be like this

  • OnChange()
  • OnInit()
  • DoCheck()
  • AfterContentInit()
  • AfterContentChecked()
  • AfterViewInit()
  • AfterViewChecked()
  • OnDestroy()

Project dependencies are always crucial in the Angular project, and these are managed by package.json. If we are using TypeScript in the project, then we need to mention the typescript package and typescript version in the package.json file.

Angular offers a directive called ngModel that is applied to a text field. It is denoted by [()] and basically supports two-way binding of data.

Angular CLI is a kind of Command-line interface tool that facilitates us to automate the Application development workflow such as initialize, implement, scaffold the application, run the development server and maintain it directly from a command shell.

The purpose of using RouterOutlet is to render the components to a particular or precise location in the template.