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The picture of web development that we gaze today was just difficult to imagine several years back. This dramatic change has brought up due to the intensifying popularity of JavaScript.

Over the years iFour Technolab USA. Inc. has been delivering leading-edge Node.js application development services to the clients of various industry verticals. We have meritorious and dexterous Node.js developers who follow Agile methodology to speed up your application development process, making deep analysis and strategies at every stage of the development life-cycle.

Many experts claim that Node.js has the potential to dethrone Java from the spot of popularity which it has retained since 1995. Because the Node.js is so powerful, it attracted many technology giants like NASA, Walmart, Twitter, Netflix, Intel, Medium, Uber, LinkedIn, etc. to adopt it in their purpose-driven operations. Not just these, there are so many Software development companies that have decided to transform their existing code to Node.js to lift the level of performance in their applications and boost their productivity. This next-gen technology has made a vivacious impact and remains unbeaten with its impeccable features compared to others.

Since its creation in 2008, no other technology has gained such popularity. Just after the release, the web has got flooded with millions of learning tutorials and node courses.

What is Node.js?

Node.js is a feature-packed JavaScript runtime environment built on a V8 engine of Google chrome. With its event-driven, cross-platform, and asynchronous (non-blocking) characteristics, you can build various kinds of web applications, REST API server, live-chat applications, Command-line application, etc. Being an extremely efficient platform, it is also lightweight and highly scalable.

As it is enrooted with JavaScript, it efficiently fills the gap between backend and frontend requirements while development. It has shattered the silos that existed between the client-side and the server-side.

Node.js was implemented using three programming languages i.e., C, C++, and JavaScript. It would surprise you in knowing that while executing the Node.js application, the V8 engine of chrome helps in converting JavaScript code to C++. Node.js makes use of ECMAScript to write server-side applications.

Node.js Technology
Node.js Technology

Why should I go with Node.js web application development?

It is a fact that every coding language has certain characteristics that have made people choose for their web developments. What makes Node.js stand apart from other technology platforms is that its modern tooling, scalability, clasping the complex application developments delivering with outstanding performance.

Being an exceptional choice of eminent Node.js development companies and web developers, it enables them to develop networking tools and web servers with effective utilization of JavaScript. The in-built libraries play a significant role to make applications act as a web server. The applications built using Node.js can be run and executed on various platforms such as Mac OS X, Unix, Windows, etc.

There are plenty of reasons for adopting Node.js. The top reasons are

  • 1
    It is fast

    Having said that Node.js built on a V8 engine of Chrome, it has an extraordinary running speed and executes the programming codes much faster.

  • 2
    Rich ecosystem and npm

    Node.js has a rich ecosystem for fully-featured development. It provides an npm registry with a bunch of node libraries (packages). It is even integrated and tested with significant frameworks such as Meteor.js,, Express.js, Electron, etc.

    Having registered with 11 billion-plus downloads, the npm gets updated with 10000 plus new packages every day.

  • 3

    Node.js eliminates the overhead of thread-synchronization eventually helping with the scalability factor. This is possible because of its single-threaded architecture.

  • 4
    Cost-effective operations

    It helps Node.js web development companies with huge cost-savings as this platform makes application development pretty much simple. It requires less compute power for hosting the development projects.

  • 5
    Moderate memory usage

    When we compare Node.js with Java, it takes less memory for installation. Java needs at least 64 GB RAM and 32 CPU cores, whereas in Node.js you can make it with 16 GB RAM and 4 CPU cores. You know we could run around 32 Node.js app instances in the space covered by Java.

    Looking for substantial growth in your business? We can help you with our spectacular Node.js web development solutions and provide you the striking real-time applications that whale away your business competitors in the market. Reach out to us and share your requirements.

Benefits of Node.js technology

Being a fabulous runtime platform for building effortless server-side and real-time network applications, Node.js offers number of benefits to the Node.js developers

Node.js logo
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    Excellent scalability

    It provides excellent scalability for the applications built using Node.js.

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    Flexible and robust web applications

    Node.js being a path-breaking technology is simple and easy to learn.

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    Faster function execution

    Applications built are faster in execution and offer flawless performance.

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    End-to-end NodeJS development

    Not only full-stack developers but even the front-end developers in the Node.js application development company who are well-versed with JavaScript technology can easily get adapted to Node.js and ultimately perform backend developments in the project.

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    Flawless performance

    It fills the gap between the backend and frontend development with just a single platform, eliminating the need for separate server-side programming language. The Node.js backend development companies don’t require to hire separate developers for frontend and backend developments.

  • benefits icon
    Dynamic NodeJS package manager

    It has a well-known package manager called npm, which plays a significant role in the flawless web application development. It includes about 3,50,000 plus registered packages.

  • benefits icon
    Easily solve database queries

    It benefits us with caching factors. It can cache a request coming from a single module in application memory.

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    Leverage multiple tools

    It has support for popular unit-testing tools like Jasmin to test the web application source code.

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    Effective real-time solutions

    We can even make user-required customizations in the web application faultlessly.

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    Handle Simultaneous request

    Ability to handle simultaneous requests.

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    Manage multiple connections

    Non-blocking, less buffering, and many more.

Key Offerings

Bag your ideas with our Node.js backend development services

iFour Technolab is considered among the top Node.js backend development service providers in the USA. Since after the drift of Node.js in the market, it has been providing outstanding Node.js solutions to the global clients. Our core services include

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    Node.js plugin development services

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    Real-time statistic solutions

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    Custom web application based on Node.js

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    Node.js Consulting services

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    Shopping cart development

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    Maintenance and support services

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    E-commerce Website development

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    Node.js API development services

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    Node.js web and Network application development

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    Web application monitoring dashboard

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    Content management tools

Industry Verticals

iFour Technolab US. Inc. has extremely talented Angular professionals having deep subject and domain knowledge and crafts the well-suited solutions for various industry verticals such as

Transportation and Logistics

FAQs for Node.js Technology

To understand Node.js technology in simple words, it could be defined as

NodeJS = Runtime Environment + JavaScript libraries.

In other words, Node.js is an open-source platform that manifests the power to develop amazing web applications with high performance. Generally, it is built on Chrome’s V8 engine which is basically a JavaScript engine that makes execution faster. One of the best advantages is that it enables us to run JavaScript code on any machine, browser, as well as server.

Command Line Interface is the acronym for CLI which is a utility on your computer system where you can write commands to perform specific actions. You can even execute your scripts with the same process. Different OS has different kinds of CLI. For instance, Linux has Bash, Mac have Terminal, Windows have command prompt and Powershell, etc.

To check the installed version of Node.js, you need to type node –v command in the CLI. The version details would be get displayed soon after the command gets executed.

In Node.js, the require () method helps you with including the modules from the external files.

Syntax : require(‘path’);

Here path denotes the location of the required file.

Node.js supports both types of databases i.e., NoSQL and SQL. MongoDB is the best example for the NoSQL database while PostgreSQL is for SQL type. You can utilize any of these types. But many esteemed Node.js Software development companies recommend going with NoSQL database like MongoDB because it has eliminated the strict schema declarations and well suits with Node.js development strategies.

Having a great demand in so many Node.js website development companies, this versatile platform allows us to build

  • Streaming apps
  • Real-Time Chats Applications
  • Microservices / API’s
  • Internet of Things
  • Real-Time Collaboration Tools
  • Complex Single-Page Applications

Project dependencies are always crucial in the Angular project, and these are managed by package.json. If we are using TypeScript in the project, then we need to mention the typescript package and typescript version in the package.json file.

The Following are the essential Security tools recommended by Node.js backend web development agencies

  • Helmet
  • csurf
  • node rate limiter
  • cors

Having so many online modules for Node.js, the most downloaded and popular ones are express, bower, browserify, async,, gulp, grunt.

Node Package Manager (npm) is a tool that manages JavaScript package installations using the command line. It also handles the project dependencies and very helpful when these dependencies become outsized. Node Version Manager (nvm) facilitates us to download and install different versions of node.js.