The market is currently dominated by ingenious invention called Blockchain. Catching the rapid pace in a short time, it has now become a drastic need for many essential business clients in the world. The biggest benefit of Blockchain is the elimination of central entities. Also it maintains great security and confidentiality. For this reason, so many employers have started adopting Blockchain projects by shaking hands with eminent Blockchain Software Development companies. Looking at the future revamps, iFour Technolab, USA.Inc. provides sustainable Blockchain software development services to the clients.

Being an esteemed Blockchain Software development service provider in the USA, we deal with services in custom DApps development, smart contracts development, blockchain wallets, crypto token development, integrated blockchain services, etc.

At iFour, we create custom solutions with updated tools and technologies. Our skilled Blockchain developers work by utilizing Agile methodology and lacerates the complex challenges very efficiently. Our services are highly-secure and cryptographically reliable. Over the years we have been renovating the businesses with our astonishing IT consulting services and empowering them to scale new heights in the market.

Having sky-high demand for Blockchain technology, its solutions can be built using so many popular platforms such as:

Quorum, NEO, Ethereum, Tezos, Hyperledger Fabric, Ripple, Hyperledger Sawtooth, Bitcoin, Hedera Hashgraph, Hyperledger Iroha, EOS, Corda, OpenChain, Dragonchain, Stellar.

We have a proven record of success in Ethereum public Blockchain. We have been recognized among the best Ethereum Blockchain development companies by our delighted global clients since after the successful completion of blockchain projects for Healthcare, Finance, etc. industry verticals.

Why go for Custom Blockchain Development?

A Blockchain is basically a decentralized data structure that includes a list of transactional records in a block-wise manner. Each block is linked to the other using logic of cryptographic references that provides tight security to the blockchain. Blockchain is one of the steps for the world to go digital. Being the most promising technology of the future, it offers a democratic, proficient, decentralized, and secure system for recording the data of transactions.

Few people get trapped into a wrong point of perception that a Blockchain and Cryptocurrency both are similar stuff. But the fact is they are not. We can understand this in a way like – a Cryptocurrency is a sort of application that makes use of Blockchain technology.

Diverting towards the Custom blockchain development, you can find the following benefits:

  • Elimination of third party entities.
  • Cost and data storage overhead gets reduced.
  • The person’s identity would be remained confidential.
  • Completely secured transactions can be done.
  • Enhances operational efficiency.
  • Transparency and automation.
  • Excellent data security.
  • Reinforce Asset management.

Devising with the Blockchain project, it is also recommended to understand the blockchain types. Generally, the blockchain can be classified into two types: Public blockchain and Private blockchain.

Public blockchain : A Public blockchain is a non-restrictive and distributed ledger that does not require any central entity. It does not need any permission to become an authorized node and join the transaction process.

Private blockchain : A Private blockchain is something that is having restrictions and needs permission to become an authorized node to make transactions. This is effectively useful where there is a need to perform transactions among the selected participants only.

Transforming your ideas into actions, we provide amazing and top-quality blockchain development solutions to explore the potentials of the client business.

Key Offerings

Stimulate your experience with our seamless Blockchain development services

Having years of experience in delivering out-of-the-box solutions for blockchain development, we offer the following services:

key offering

Custom Blockchain software development

We provide solutions strictly based on your business requirements that revolve securely around creating, accessing, and storing the data. Being a trusted custom blockchain software development company, we take pretty care about internal security using firewalls, and other necessities.

key offering

Blockchain consulting

This top-class Ethereum Blockchain development service provider has well versed and adroit blockchain developers that could help you in every aspect of blockchain subject. They can assist you in identifying, analyzing, and assessing solutions of Blockchain to add extreme value to your business. We can also help clients who want to know about the execution of blockchain-based transactions.

key offering

DApps development

Our Ethereum blockchain developers help you with exquisite DApps development for your business. We have developed so many DApp projects that execute efficiently on distributed computing systems and fetching great returns for the employers.

key offering

Cryptocurrency (ICO)

Being known as a prominent blockchain development firm in the USA, we offer the ICO (Initial Coin Offerings) services to the clients fulfilling the space of blockchain and cryptocurrency. We have highly skilled Blockchain resources who will aid you in all the ways possible.

key offering

Smart Contract Development

This Smart Contract development company delivers fine design and development services for smart contract projects following with amazing architecture. Our blockchain team implements this architecture ensuring with bug-free workflow satisfying with protocols.

key offering

Hyperledger Service

Ensuring with transparency, interoperability, durability, and security in work, we offer open-source blockchain development services like Hyperledger. Our blockchain developers cater amazing Hyperledger solutions for different industry verticals.

Benefits of choosing iFour Technolab, USA.Inc.

Empower your business with our extraordinary Blockchain software services

Looking for a trusted and reliable firm for your Blockchain project? Connect us and get revamping and exceptional Blockchain solutions that provide an ultimate edge to your business.

Our services are purely fueled with quality that certainly brings the best out of it and that’s why we are unique and stand out in the crowd. Looking from the client’s vision, we implement and deliver ingenious blockchain solutions addressing the exact client needs. Following are the benefits one can find in selecting iFour Technolab for Blockchain development:

The iFour Technolab Advantage

  • Dedicated resources and transparency of work.
  • Exceptionally talented Blockchain developers work with dedication towards your project and bring the hidden potential out of it to acquire expected goals.
  • Assisting services following the Agile methodology and possess a flexible engagement model.
  • Meticulous team of QA Engineers performing an in-depth test to ensure Software quality appliance. bulletsOn-time Blockchain project delivery.
  • Complete security and high care of Intellectual property.
  • We have Project managers that are adroit and dexterous in their work. One of them would monitor your blockchain project using their practical experience.
  • No compromise in Work quality, time scale, deadlines, bugs, module functionality, design, coding strategies, etc.
  • Cost-effective services covering all the desires of the business.
  • Better ROI with business.

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FAQs for Blockchain software development services

No, both are different kinds of stuff. Bitcoin is purely related to digital cryptocurrency, while Ethereum is a ledger technology that utilizes Ether as cryptocurrency. Many esteemed Software development companies recommend Ethereum for developing DApps and implementing smart contracts.

Both Public blockchain and Private blockchain stand tall in their positions as they have certain unmatchable and important features. The major differences between these two are:

  • Private blockchain requires third-party intermediary for making transactions whereas a public blockchain doesn’t.
  • Rate of transactions in Public blockchain is lesser compared to Private blockchain.
  • Public blockchain cannot utilize Istanbul BFT, Raft, Proof of Elapsed Time while in the private blockchain it is possible.
  • There would be no trust issues in public blockchain while in Private blockchain, you may find trust issues.
  • Public Blockchain is fully secured compared to Private blockchain.

Over the years, our blockchain developers are assisting with magnificent and result-oriented services to the clients using a wide variety of technologies such as:

Eris, Ripple, Quorum, OpenChain, Ethereum, Multichain, Corda, BigchainDB, Hyperledger Fabric, IOTA Tangle, etc.

Creating a fake block in Blockchain is almost impossible because the block inclusion and validity is handled and executed by an electronic consensus of nodes. These results would be scattered among millions of nodes across the world. Therefore, capturing millions of nodes intentionally is not a feasible thing. Hence it is impossible.

The transactions in the Blockchain are carried out with the help of protocols and cryptographic keys. These cryptographic keys play a vital role while performing the operations at both ends. KeyGens generate these cryptographic keys using mathematical logic with prime numbers.

Cryptography plays a crucial role in fueling the security of Blockchain transactions. The Blockchain network participants would have a private key with each of them. This private key is nothing but a personal digital signature that needs to be assigned while performing a transaction. And this is further verified at the terminal with the help of the public key. If any mismatch or changes in the transaction data is found, then this signature becomes invalid. Ultimately, the block would not get added to the blockchain and gets ignored. This is how it makes it perfectly secure.

Being known as Spectacular Blockchain Software development organization, we have a dedicated resource that works for Blockchain development. Depending on the type and complexity of the project, they make utilization of the following tools:

  • Asana
  • JIRA
  • Microsoft Team
  • Trello
  • BaseCamp

Based on the complexity, size, and type, we follow two methodologies for developing enterprise-grade solutions. They are – Agile methodology and DevOps methodology. We are proficient in both of these.

At iFour Technolab, we manage our Blockchain software project development source code using Bitbucket SCM and GitHub. The benefit you can find in using GitHub is– easy view of bugs, debugging process, etc.

Being recognized as a reliable and trustworthy Blockchain development company, we prefer security as our first priority. Therefore, we make every blockchain software developer sign NDA to maintain privacy. We take strict care of the client’s Intellectual property and secure confidential data with all the possible measures at our end.