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Accelerate your business growth with our top-notch Asp.Net web development services. Throughout the years, iFour Technolab USA.Inc. has been effortlessly assisting the clients with absolutely fantastic web development solutions that ultimately explore the hidden potentiality of success for their businesses.

In the realm of technologies, Asp.Net is one of the best frameworks to choose from the plethora of languages and framework options available in the market.

There are so many reasons to go with the Asp.Net framework for website development. A few of the biggest reasons are Asp.Net has vast language support, great operability with high speed, cost-effective, etc.

iFour Asp.Net web developers are well-versed in working with frameworks like Asp.Net and Asp.Net Core. These two platforms provide impeccable feature support when compared to other frameworks. And this is the reason most people pick Asp.Net for their Business website developments.

Being an esteemed and trustworthy Asp.Net Web application development company, we have a resource bank of Microsoft professionals, Asp.Net developers, Asp.Net Core developers, etc. who can deal with building highly scalable, reliable, optimum Website and Web applications, providing rapid momentum to your business in the market.

What is

Asp.Net is a popular server-side web development framework implemented by the Microsoft team. Being an open-source framework, it basically runs on the Windows platform and facilitates us to build flawless web applications, dynamic websites, desktop applications, web services, and API.

What is
What is Asp.Net Core?

What is Asp.Net Core?

In the recent past, Microsoft has launched an updated version of the Asp.Net framework called Asp.Net Core that has updated features. To talk about the best part of this framework, it is compatible with all OS platforms like Windows, Linux, and MacOS. Just like the Asp.Net framework it also allows us to build dynamic websites, various kinds of web applications, web services, desktop applications, Web API integration services, etc.

C# Developers who have proficiency in the Asp.Net framework can easily adopt Asp.Net Core and quickly pick up the framework differences.

Why should I go for Asp.Net technology?

After the release of Asp.Net Core, more number of people have slanted towards Asp.Net technology as it has stunning features support. Apart from high speed and low-cost benefits, what has so many people excited about this stunning platform is the support of a wide range of programming languages that empowered its popularity in the market.

Compared to other widely held languages like PHP, the websites and applications developed using Asp.Net run faster. The reason is that the Asp.Net code is first compiled to object code by the language appropriate compiler and then executed.

In some scenarios, the developers need to buy some expensive IDEs i.e., Integrated Development Environments for building applications. But in the case of Asp.Net, you can find a community version of Microsoft Visual studio for non-corporate use, available absolutely for free. This application can be used to write the Asp.Net code and execute it flawlessly. Not just this, another lighter-weight IDE of Microsoft is also available for the same purpose and it is known as Visual Studio Code.

In addition to IDE support, the visual studio also eliminates the need for separate server set up which is quite costly. The websites and web applications developed in this would use the in-built Windows IIS server. Now with the Asp.Net Core framework, hosting on different platforms like Linux, Windows and MacOS can also be done efficiently and effectively.

More importantly, the value of the Asp.Net will always be sky-high as it is backed by the top technical giant i.e., Microsoft.

Asp.Net Technology

Benefits of Asp.Net Technology

Being the most promising technology for spectacular website development, Asp.Net platforms, in reality, has endless demand in the market. It provides these benefits while making exquisite websites and web applications

iFour Technolab has a meritorious and brilliant team of Asp.Net professionals, Asp.Net Core developers, MVC.Net developers, Designers, Project managers, SCRUM masters, etc. who can assist you with top-quality IT consulting services to refigure your business and make it stand tall in the mass of competition.

Asp.Net logo
  • Technology

    So many popular JavaScript frameworks are supported in the framework.

  • Technology

    Cross-platform support and efficient memory management support.

  • Technology

    Fabulous support for CSS, web standards, and XML, many more.

  • Technology

    Code interoperability feature support.

  • Technology

    Cloud deployment would be possible.

  • Technology

    Saves a lot of time.

  • Technology

    Easy development and flexible deployment support.

  • Technology

    Among the wide range of available languages for application development, you can make use of C# language, one of the most in-demand programming languages in the world.

  • Technology

    In contrast to interpreted scripts, Asp.Net web applications execute faster, as it processes its code on the Windows server and then displays on the browser.

  • Technology

    Outstanding performance of the application. This is through the support of JIT compilation, caching services, native optimization support, early binding, etc.

  • Technology

    You can build large applications by utilizing MVC methodology with an immense reduction in line of codes.

  • Technology

    While development you can make use of all the renowned databases like MSSQL Server, MySQL, MariaDB, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, etc.

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Forte your way with our incredible Custom Asp.Net web development services

Among the remarkable Asp.Net Core web development companies, iFour is one that provides off the chart Asp.Net website development services to the clients.

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    Custom Asp.Net web development

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    WebApi services

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    Apps integration

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    Enterprise and distributed development services

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    Refactoring and improving existing applications

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    Third-party tools integration

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    Migration services

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    Asp.Net CMS solutions

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    UI/UX services

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Industry Verticals

We have been implementing abundance of applications for so many industries. We serve these industry verticals with our cutting-edge Asp.Net software development services

Transportation and Logistics
FAQs for Asp.Net Technology

We can build highly efficient and scalable web applications by using the Asp.Net framework exactly matching with business requirements. The following are the key components that play a magical role while building or enhancing websites and web applications.

  • Common Language Runtime
  • Side-by-Side Execution
  • Dynamic Language Runtime (DLR)
  • Runtime Host
  • CTS (Common Type System)
  • Dot Net Framework Class library
  • Dot Net Framework Security
  • Meta Data and Self describing components
  • Application Domains

Despite both having the same purpose of usage i.e., to store the string values, there is a minor difference between them that makes a huge impact while building applications. The System.String class is immutable. That means when we use System.String class, we cannot alter the assigned value of the object. Whereas the System.StringBuilder class is mutable, which means if we alter the assigned value of the object, it takes the same space, indirectly helps in space management while web application development.

Interoperability is being the biggest advantage of Asp.Net framework, you can use codes of two different languages clearly within the same environment. The execution process undergoes in two phases:

  • Compiler time process
  • Runtime process

Compiler time process: Remember in Asp.Net, each language has its own compiler that compiles its code and converts into IL code or MSIL code (Microsoft Intermediate Language Code) including metadata.

Source code >> .Net Compiler >> Byte Code (MSIL + META Data)

Runtime process: There is a vital component called CLR i.e., Common Language Runtime, uses the metadata of the above phase and converts the IL code into native code with the help of the JIT compiler, and finally run by the Operating System.

Byte Code (MSIL + META Data) >> Just In Time compiler >> Native code

The following Life-cycle events of Asp.Net page makes it effortless, faster, and reliable

PreInit, Init, InitComplete, PreLoad, Load, Control Events, LoadComplete, PreRender, PreRenderComplete, SaveStateComplete, Render, Unload.

There are several differences we can find between Asp.Net and Asp.Net Core. To talk about the main difference, the Asp.Net Core platform is platform-independent, i.e., it is not just limited to Windows. It supports cross-platforms such as Windows, Linux, and MacOS. However, the Asp.Net framework is limited to the Windows Operating system only.

Being an eminent Custom Asp.Net software development company, we have well-experienced and meritorious Project managers, who have monitored and successfully delivered hundreds of software development projects. One of them would be observing and monitoring your project without compromise on any factor.

Having a fantastic track record in delivering high-quality Asp.Net services, we follow ISO 9001:2015 standards and procedures for Software quality assurance. We always keep aiming and achieving the factors like security, efficiency, size, maintainability, and reliability with our Asp.Net Core development services. Our meticulous Software team of testers would plan and examine every core component throughout the whole project life cycle, performing manual and unit testing on it.

Known among the top Custom software development companies, iFour always takes high care about the security of Asp.Net software projects. Here we make all our developers sign NDA contract before starting the Asp.Net related projects. As client satisfaction is our main motive, we take full accountability of our web developers and quality services.

Our team of Asp.Net developers, MVC developers, and Asp.Net Core developers manage the project source code each separately using GitHub and Bitbucket.

Certainly! Our skilled Asp.Net web developers can help you with effortless migration of your existing legacy .NET software to Asp.Net Core.