Over the years iFour Technolab Pvt. Ltd. has been serving the clients of different locations across the world with top-class Custom Microsoft web development services. Screening with absolute talents in the Microsoft technology web development, we have built a team of .Net developers who would deal with absolutely stunning developments for the clients and help their businesses reach great zeniths. Making fine utilization of different versatile and powerful frameworks of Microsoft, we always aim to deliver extra-ordinary and process-oriented web, mobile-based solutions perfectly catering to your needs with high performance.

Other than these, we also offer other Microsoft technology services like C#, WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation), WCF (Windows Communication Foundation), MSSQL Server, Microsoft Azure, ADO.Net, IIS, etc.

Being an esteemed Asp.net software development company, we have meritorious team of Microsoft professionals who can deal with all kind of developments and are well-versed with the following Microsoft frameworks:

Asp.Net framework

It is a Microsoft framework that is used to build websites and applications using webforms for various industry verticals. The applications are built using a wide range of services and are robust, reliable, faster in execution, secured, and highly scalable. Many prominent Software development enterprises prefer C# development services for their project development.

MVC.Net framework

It is a modern alternative for the Asp.Net webform component. That means the applications which are built using Asp.Net webforms had some limitations. And these limitations are covered by making use of the architectural pattern called MVC (Model View Controller). MVC is considered among the most frequently used frameworks for building scalable, secured, extensible and robust websites for businesses.

Asp.Net Core framework

This framework supports almost all the features of Asp.Net and MVC5 framework, but the best part of this is that it is a cross-platform framework i.e., supports Windows, Linux, and macOS. This open-source and modular framework uses an asynchronous pattern and for that reason, it is faster. Its code-reusability feature, great testability and smooth deployment support impelled many Asp.Net core web development companies to adopt this for building websites.


Why Custom Software development using Microsoft technologies?

Although having many technology frameworks in the market, still most of the people go with Microsoft framework as it has several benefits that meets exactly with their needs and budget. Using Microsoft frameworks, you can build scalable and enterprise-level web, mobile, and desktop applications with excellent performance. Moreover, you could also find these interesting benefits with it

  • Being a language-independent framework, you can go for developing any kind of web application using a variety of languages like C#, J#, VB.Net, Visual C++, etc. along with scripting languages.
  • The applications that are built using Dot Net are faster in execution. Being recognized as a server-side technology, it primarily processes all its code on the Windows server before displaying it on the browser.
  • Excellent support for the latest web standards, updated CSS with Bootstrap classes, XML.
  • The code interoperability feature adds more strength to the framework. Here in this platform, you can employ a code of certain language clearly with some other language in the same environment of development.
  • Microsoft provides three impeccable options for web and application development. Asp.Net framework, MVC.Net, Asp.Net Core framework.
  • The major difference between Asp.Net and Asp.Net Core is that – Asp.Net framework support is limited to Windows platform only while Asp.Net Core framework supports cross-platforms like macOS, Linux, and Windows.
  • Line of codes would get reduced immensely.

  • View state support to handle state maintenance.

  • Support for major libraries and JavaScript frameworks

  • Flexible deployment support

  • Time-saving


Key Offerings

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iFour Technolab offers astonishing services that are off the charts, satisfying the clients. We deal with the following development services:

key offering

Custom Asp.Net web development

With overall business strategy and usage of updated development tools and technologies, we will help you with Bespoke Asp.Net web development services. Here we can configure all the custom requirements that you wish to include in your website with astonishing functionalities.

key offering

Mobile Application development and WebApi services

Utilizing the power of Microsoft services, we can assist you with mobile application developments with the right ideas and suggestions. Our Asp.Net software developers would help you with web services, examine all the API methods and outputs of each to ensure proper functionality.

key offering

Desktop Applications

Being the best WPF service provider in USA, we deal with desktop application developments for the client businesses. Our dedicated WPF developers and WCF developers make the best use of their domain knowledge and framework features and deliver you the fascinating desktop applications.

key offering

Apps integration

For the purpose of extending the use cases for the existing users and employees, we could help you with Apps integration services. Our Microsoft professionals would deal with it utilizing their experience.

key offering

Enterprise and distributed development services

Making the best use of tools and updated frameworks, our Asp.Net Core developers and MVC.net developers assist you with their web development services for building Enterprise and distributed web development services. Depending on the client’s choice, we provide consulting solutions like MVC.net development services or Asp.Net Core development services.

key offering

Refactoring and improving existing applications

Get your existing solutions refactored by our software professionals and provide the potential to lacerate the existing competition. We can deal with improving your existing applications with innovative solutions.

key offering

Third-party tools integration

To make improvements in user convenience, we can assist you with our services in integrating third-party tools into your Asp.Net web application without any hassle and complexity.

key offering

Migration services

As we can notice many businesses are trying to adopt Asp.Net platforms more frequently, this C# web development service provider will help you in migrating your existing solutions into Asp.Net.

key offering

Asp.Net CMS solutions

In order to provide a smooth and effective way of content management on the website, we can help you with our Asp.Net CMS solutions for seamless Content Management System Development at your end.

key offering

UI/UX services

Our Front-end developers will help you in providing a stunning and sumptuous look to your website eventually catches the attention of the viewers. We make use of the latest tools, templates, and tactics of CSS to make an effective look to your website.

key offering


In addition to the web development services, we also offer maintenance services to the clients. Our meticulous Support engineers and developers work collaboratively and resolve the customer issues effortlessly. Our support engineers would troubleshoot the technical issues found in the business software through RDC.

Benefits of choosing iFour Technolab Pvt. Ltd

(top-quality and astounding IT consultancy services)

No matter how complex the project is, our versatile Dot net developers have the ability to cope up with all the project complexities and convert them into simple and efficient with sustainable solutions. Gathering the business requirements from the client, we begin with the Planning phase of the project. And accordingly, we move towards the rest of the phases that include designing, developing, testing, deploying, and maintaining stages of the software. Here are some significant benefits one can find with us:

  • We have talented Web and Graphic designers who make your website UI look sumptuous making it quite separate from other websites.
  • We also have adroit SEO experts who work with all dedication to make google friendly website.
  • Our masterly web developers provide outstanding solutions for all your business requirements and help your business reach successful peaks in the market.
  • We have master project managers, meticulous QA engineers, business analysts, meritorious Asp.Net developers, MVC.net developers, Asp.Net Core developers, and team-leads that would handle your whole project life cycle faultlessly.
  • To stay ahead of the competition in the market, we provide you cutting-edge services with all these benefits covering with all your requirements at a reasonable budget.
  • On-time delivery of the project.

Technology Stacks

(Technology matching the diverse needs of your business)

Looking for an outstanding IT consulting solutions for your website development project? Just connect us from our website and share your requirements. We will help you in all the ways we can. You can also hire our dedicated .net developers for your requirements.

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FAQs for Microsoft Web development services

iFour Technolab is one of the best Microsoft development services provider in USA that provides Windows mobile app development services, Custom Asp.Net web development services, MVC.net development services, etc. We are well versed in following Microsoft technology stack:

Dot net MVC, WPF, WCF, Asp.Net, C#, Asp.Net Core, MSSQL Server, IIS, Active Directory for Windows domain network, Microsoft Azure, Asp.Net CMS, Silverlight, etc.

Being compatible with cross-platforms like Windows, Linux, and MacOS, the Asp.Net Core framework has outstanding support for testability with secure web application development resulting in high performance. This open-source framework makes use of an asynchronous pattern and that’s why it is faster. Apart from that, it has support for updated libraries and classes which help in easy development.

Our WPF developers make the best use of the Microsoft WPF framework for building magnificent desktop and windows applications. Previously it was done through Winforms services but after the release of WPF which includes updated features, covering all the limitations of Winforms, this framework was adopted frequently. Some of the features of WPF which make desktop applications fascinating are UI graphics, security, media, animations, XAML, styles, documents, controls, data-binding, etc. WPF is very helpful for rapid customizations.

CMS is a form of software that facilitates us to create, edit, and publish the content, maintaining it from a central interface. This CMS software is very helpful in maintaining large volumes of content effectively and efficiently. Our dedicated Asp.Net web developers can deal with following popular Content Management Systems of Microsoft.

  • DNN (Dot Net Nuke)
  • Umbraco
  • Kentico CMS
  • SiteCore
  • Sitefinity
  • mojoPortal
  • Composite C1
  • Orchard

Obviously yes, iFour software professionals build the client websites that are fully compliant to Search Engine Guidelines.

Certainly! Being a reputed offshore software development company, we maintain an in-house server for the on-going project developments. Though it is in the development phase, we provide you the login credentials, you could instantly watch the website and test the component functionalities including other updates.

iFour Technolab Pvt. Ltd. follows Agile methodology for their on-going project developments. For the purpose of communication with the client and other team members, we make use of popular setup tools like Skype, Slack, Microsoft Team, GoToMeeting, JIRA, email, voice calls, etc.

Generally, we utilize GitHub software for managing all the Microsoft technology project code versions each one maintaining separately. There are many advantages in using it like - easy view of the bug fixes, debugging process, etc.